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Christ's Object Lessons recounts stories of the Master Teacher that draw practical lessons for every day life. Enjoy reading lessons from common scenes, objects, and incidents of life - the shepherd, the builder, the tiller of the soil, the courtroom, the wedding, the housewife, the traveler.
Placed in the setting of a present-day relevance, these stories abound in helpful guidelines to positive thinking and buoyant living. This book has enriched the lives of millions and we hope you will enjoy it as well.
Author - Ellen G. White

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Table of Contents

1. Teaching in Parables.....17

2. The Sower Went Forth to Sow.....33

3. First the Blade, then the Ear.....62

4. Tares.....70

5. Like a Grain of Mustard Seed.....76

6. Other Lessons from Seed-Sowing.....80

7. Like unto Leaven.....95

8. Hidden Treasure.....103

9. The Pearl.....115

10. The Net.....122

11. Things New and Old.....124

12. Asking to Give.....139

13. Two Worshipers.....150

14. Shall Not God Avenge His Own?.....164

15. This Man Receiveth Sinners.....185

16. Lost and Is Found.....198

17. Spare It This Year Also.....212

18. Go into the Highways & Hedges.....219

19. The Measure of Forgiveness.....243

20. Gain That is Loss.....252

21. A Great Gulf Fixed.....260

22. Saying and Doing.....272

23. The Lord's Vineyard.....284

24. Without a Wedding Garment.....307

25. Talents.....325

26. Friends by Mammon Unrighteousness.....366

27. Who is My Neighbor?.....376

28. The Reward of Grace.....390

29. To Meet the Bridegroom.....405

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