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Links All of our on-line books featured on our website can be purchased here, in their book section.

Amazing Facts

On-line booklets, Bible Studies, videos, sermons and much more!
A massive website with a wealth of information!


You can watch and listen to multiple Christian family oriented programs on all of your electronic devices including Roku on your television! You will be so blessed!

EGW Writings

Did you know that there is an app to download all of Mrs. White's Writings to all of your devices? Click on this link to find your device. You will be so blessed!

Ellen G White Audio Books

Did you know that you can listen to most of Mrs. White's writings (81 books) in MP3 audio format. You can download these audio files to your computer, tablet or smart phone and listen to them any time. You can also copy them to a thumb drive and play them in your cars Auxiliary USB outlet.

Bullet Click here to listen to the first chapter of Steps to Christ.

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Sabbath Truth

Welcome to Sabbath Truth website! Everything you wanted to know about the Sabbath!

Bible Prophecy Truth

Bible Prophecy Truth is a powerful website designed to help people from all religious backgrounds clearly understand the major prophecies of Scripture.

Amazing Health Facts
8 Bible Secrets for a longer and stronger life!

Hell Truth
Is hell real? Visit Hell Truth which will answer all of your questions regarding hell!

Bible Universe
Prepare to change your world with daily devotionals and free Bible Studies!

It Is Written
Many online video programs and personal Bible Study via mail or online.

Project Restore

Give away library, Bible Studies and much more!


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