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Happiness Digest answers the two most basic questions known to man. Why we are here and what purpose do we serve? The book is published, under many titles, (including Steps to Christ) in more than 135 languages and has sold more than 50 million copies. Every human heart has a deep desire for the eternal. We all know that we are only passing through this world. Is this life all there is? If there is eternal life beyond the grave, how can we know it? More importantly, how can we secure it?
Author - Ellen G. White

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Table of Contents

1. God's Love for Man.....9

2. The Sinner's Need of Christ.....17

3. Repentance.....23

4. Confession.....37

5. Consecration.....43

6. Faith and Acceptance.....49

7. The Test of Discipleship.....57

8. Growing Up Into Christ.....67

9. The Work and the Life.....77

10. A Knowledge of God.....85

11. The Privilege of Prayer.....93

12. What to Do With Doubt.....105

13. Rejoicing in the Lord.....115

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