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God's Love
God's Love for Man
For God so Loved the World...
The Amazing Sacrifice That Has Been Made for Us
Are You Born Again? Nine Signs of Conversion
"Love Not the World, Neither the Things That Are in the World..."
In the World, But Not of the World...
The Christian Pathway
Faith the Christian's Privilege
The Prodigal Son
Who Is My Neighbor?
Your Bible Questions
Answered On: Baptism

How to Have a Successful Marriage

 God's Holy Law
The 10 Commandments -
as Found in God's Word

Moses Law vs. God's Ten Commandments Law
Bible Ten Commandments vs. Roman Catholic Ten Commandments
Tearing Down The Stop Sign
Grace, Faith, Works and Obedience- How Do They All Work Together?
The Law and the Gospel
Is God's 10 Commandment Law Still Binding, Today - in 2022?
The Whole Duty of Man
7 Facts About the Seventh Day, That Can Not Be Refuted

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Bible Readings for the Home Circle - 1914 edition

Bible Readings for the Home Circle - 1914 edition
Answers nearly 4,000 Bible questions in a simple question and answer format. 790 pgs.
Table of Contents
The Bibles Origin, History & Place in the World
The Value of Bible Study
Section 1
The Bible; How to Study and Understand It
1. The Scriptures
2. The Study of the Scriptures
3. Power in the Word
4. The Life-Giving Word
5. Christ in All the Bible

Section 2

Sin; Its Origin, Results, and Remedy

6. Creation and the Creator
7. The Origin of Evil
8. The Fall and Redemption of Man
9. Creation and Redemption
10. The Character and Attributes of God
11. The Love of God
12. The Deity of Christ
13. Prophecies Relating to Christ
14. Christ the Way of Life
Salvation Only Through Christ

Section 3
The Way to Christ

16. Faith
17. Hope
18. Repentance
19. Confession and Forgiveness
20. Conversion, or the New Birth
21. Baptism
22. Reconciled to God
23. Acceptance With God
24. Justification by Faith
25. Righteousness and Life
26. Consecration
27. Bible Election
28. Bible Sanctification
29. Importance of Sound Doctrine
30. Present Truth
The Obedience of Faith

Section 4
Life, Parables, and Miracles of Christ

32. Birth, Childhood, and Early Life of Christ
33. Christ's Ministry
34. Christ the Great Teacher
35. Parables of Christ
36. Miracles of Christ
37. Sufferings of Christ
38. The Resurrection of Christ
39. A Sinless Life
40. Our Pattern
41. Our Helper and Friend

Section 5
The Holy Spirit

42. The Holy Spirit and His Work
43. Fruit of the Spirit
44. Gifts of the Spirit
45. The Gift of Prophecy
The Outpouring of the Spirit

Section 6
The Sure Word of Prophecy
47. Prophecy, Why Given
48. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
49. The Gospel of the Kingdom
50. Four Great Monarchies
51. The Kingdom and Work of Antichrist
52. The Vicar of Christ
53. A Great Prophetic Period
54. The Atonement in Type and Antitype
55. The Judgment
56. The Judgment-Hour Message
57. The Fall of Modern Babylon
58. The Closing Gospel Message
59. Satan's Warfare Against the Church
60. A Great Persecuting Power
61. Making an Image to the Beast
62. The Seven Churches
63. The Seven Seals
64. The Seven Trumpets
65. The Eastern Question
66. The Seven Last Plagues
67. The Mystery of God Finished

Section 7
Coming Events and Signs of the Times
68. Our Lord's Great Prophecy
69. Signs of the Times
70. Increase of Knowledge
71. Conflict Between Capital and Labor
72. Christ's Second Coming
73. Manner of Christ's Coming
74. Object of Christ's Coming
75. The Resurrection of the Just
76. The World's Conversion
77. The Gathering of Israel
78. The Millennium
79. Length of the Day of the Lord
Elijah The Prophet

Section 8
The Law Of God
81. The Law of God
82. Perpetuity of the Law
83. Why the Law was Given at Sinai
84. Penalty for Transgression
85. The Law of God in the Patriarchal Age
86. The Law of God in the New Testament
87. The Moral and Ceremonial Laws
88. The Two Covenants
89. What was Abolished by Christ
90. The Law and the Gospel

Section 9
The Sabbath
91. Institution of the Sabbath
92. God's Memorial
93. Reasons for Sabbath-Keeping
94. Manner of Observing the Sabbath
95. Christ and the Sabbath
96. The Sabbath in the New Testament
97. The Change of the Sabbath
98. The Seal of God and The Mark of Apostasy
99. The Lord's Day
100. Walking as He Walked
101. The Sabbath In History
Sabbath Reform

Section 10
Christian Liberty
103. The Author of Liberty
104. The Powers that be
105. Individual Accountability
106. Union of Church and State
107. Sabbath legislation
108. Who Persecute and Why

Section 11
Life Only In Christ
109. Origin, History, And Destiny Of Satan
110. What is Man?
111. Life Only in Christ
112. The Intermediate State
113. The Two Resurrections
114. Fate of the Transgressor
115. The Ministration of Good Angels
116. The Dark Ministries of Bad Angels
117. Spiritualism

Section 12
Christian Growth And Experience
118. Growth In Grace
119. The Christian Armor
120. Walking in the Light
121. Saving Faith
122. Trials and Their Object
123. Overcoming
124. The Ministry of Sorrow
125. Comfort in Affliction
126. Trusting in Jesus
127. Patience
128. Contentment
129. Cheerfulness
130. Christian Courtesy
131. Confessing Faults and Forgiving One Another
132. The Duty of Encouragement
133. Unity of Believers
134. Meekness and Humility
135. Sobriety
136. Wisdom
137. Diligence
138. Perfection of Character
139. Sowing and Reaping

Section 13
Prayer And Public Worship
140. Importance of Prayer
141. Meditation and Prayer
142. Watching Unto Prayer
143. Answers to Prayer
144. Public Worship
145. Reverence for the House of God
146. Christian Communion
147. Praise and Thanksgiving
The Value of Song

Section 14
Christian Service
149. The Gift of Giving
150. Preaching the Gospel
151. The Shepherd and His Work
152. Missionary Work
153. The Poor, and Our Duty Toward Them
154. Christian Help Work
155. Visiting the Sick
156. Healing the Sick
157. Prison Work
158. Order and Organization
159. Support of the Ministry
160. Free-Will Offerings
161. Hospitality
162. Who is the Greatest?

Section 15
Admonitions and Warnings
163. Pride
164. Selfishness
165. Covetousness
166. Debts
167. Respect of Persons
168. Backsliding
169. Unbelief
170. Judging
171. Gossiping and Backbiting
172. Envy, Jealousy, and Hatred
173. Hypocrisy
174. Danger in Rejecting Light
175. The Just Recompense

Section 16
The Home
176. The Marriage Institution
177. A Happy Home, and How to Make It
178. Religion in the Home
179. Honor Due to Parents
180. Child Training
181. The Mother
182. 100 Bible Stories, and Where to Find Them
183. Promises for the Children
184. Evils of City Life
185. Purity

Section 17
Health And Temperance
186. Good Health
187. Christian Temperance
188. Evils of Intemperance
189. The World's Curse
190. Scripture Admonitions
191. True Temperance Reform

Section 18
The Kingdom Restored
192. The Kingdom of Glory
193. The Saints' Inheritance
194. Promises to the Overcomer
195. The Subjects of the Kingdom
196. Eternal Life
197. The Home of the Saved
198. The New Jerusalem
199. The Conflict Ended
200. Pleasures Forevermore
201. The Game of Life in Progress

The Sanctified Life

The Sanctified Life
True sanctification is an entire conformity to the will of God. 96 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. True and False Theories Contrasted
2. Daniel's Temperance Principles
3. Controlling the Appetites and Passions
4. The Fiery Furnace
5. Daniel and the Lions' Den
6. Daniel's Prayers
7. The Character of John
8. The Ministry of John
9. John in Exile
10. Christian Character
The Christian's Privilege


Last Days /Second Coming
The Snares of Satan - the Devil
Be Not Deceived, Deluded, Occupied or Entranced
Noah's Time and Ours
The Doom of Sodom - a Warning for the Last Days
Your Bible Questions Answered On: The Second Coming of Christ
A New World Order Is Coming - Who Will Usher It In?

The Sabbath
$1,000 Reward for the Missing Bible Text
Jesus Kept Saturday, the Seventh Day Sabbath Holy, Should We?
How Sunday Keeping Started
The Mark of the Beast and 666 -
Clearly Explained...

Who is the Antichrist?
Candid Confessions - on What the Baptists, Catholics, Church of Christ, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Other Churches Say About Sunday Sacredness...

Just For Fun  

A true heart warming story of faith!

A most remarkable puzzle to test your Bible skills!

A short prayer for you!

Check this out- What do you see?

Very clever one sermon sentences!

Let me tell you what evolution says...

I am only one person, but I can make a difference!

The ABC's of thanks-giving!

The 23rd channel!

An important recall notice!

An inspiring story about red marbles!

An atheist professor discusses science vs. faith!

If Noah were alive today!

Some questions God may ask you the last day!

You say "I can't" - God says "you can..."

An uplifting story on the scars of life!

An inspiring poem about folks in heaven!

A funny story about evolution and God's dirt!

A Texas bar sues local church over lightning strike!

The end of the road! A touching World War II story!


The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy
The last days, the Second Coming and the history of God's Church. 678 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. The Destruction of Jerusalem
2. Persecution in the First Centuries
3. An Era of Spiritual Darkness
4. The Waldenses
5. John Wycliffe
6. Huss and Jerome
7. Luther's Separation From Rome
8. Luther Before the Diet
9. The Swiss Reformer
10. Progress of Reform in Germany
11. Protest of the Princes
12. The French Reformation
13. The Netherlands and Scandinavia
14. Later English Reformers
15. The Bible and the French Revolution
16. The Pilgrim Fathers
17. Heralds of the Morning
18. An American Reformer
19. Light Through Darkness
20. A Great Religious Awakening
21. A Warning Rejected
22. Prophecies Fulfilled
23. What is the Sanctuary?
24. In the Holy of Holies
25. God's Law Immutable
26. A Work of Reform
27. Modern Revivals
28. Facing Life's Record
29. The Origin of Evil
30. Enmity Between Man and Satan
31. Agency of Evil Spirits
32. Snares of Satan
33. The First Great Deception
34. Can Our Dead Speak to Us?
35. Liberty of Conscience Threatened
36. The Impending Conflict
37. The Scriptures a Safeguard
38. The Final Warning
39. The Time of Trouble
40. God's People Delivered
41. Desolation to the Earth
The Controversy Ended

Happiness Digest

Happiness Digest
You can find true peace and happiness!
126 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. God's Love for Man
2. The Sinner's Need of Christ
3. Repentance
4. Confession
5. Consecration
6. Faith and Acceptance
7. The Test of Discipleship
8. Growing Up Into Christ
9. The Work and the Life
10. A Knowledge of God
11. The Privilege of Prayer
12. What to Do With Doubt
Rejoicing in the Lord

The Passion of the Christ - A Written Account

The PASSION of the Christ - A Written Account
The final hours of our blessed Savior. 150 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. Gethsemane
2. Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas
3. Judas
4. In Pilate's Judgment Hall
5. Calvary
6. It Is Finished
7. In Joseph's Tomb
8. The Lord Is Risen
9. Why Weepest Thou?
10. The Walk to Emmaus
11. Peace Be Unto You
12. By the Sea Once More
13. Go Teach All Nations
14. To My Father, and Your Father

The Story of Redemption

The Story of Redemption
The history of the world - from the fall of Lucifer to the Second Coming. 433 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. The Fall of Lucifer
2. The Creation
3. Consequences of Rebellion
4. Temptation and Fall
5. The Plan of Salvation
6. Cain and Abel
7. Seth and Enoch
8. The Flood
9. The Tower of Babel
10. Abraham and the Promised Seed
11. The Marriage of Isaac
12. Jacob and Esau
13. Jacob and the Angel
14. The Children of Israel
15. God's Power Revealed
16. Israel's Escape From Bondage
17. Israel's Journeyings
18. The Law of God
19. The Sanctuary
20. The Spies and Their Report
21. The Sin of Moses
22. The Death of Moses
23. Entering the Promised Land
24. The Ark of God and the Fortunes of Israel
25. The First Advent of Christ
26. The Ministry of Christ
27. The Betrayal of Christ
28. The Trial of Christ
29. The Crucifixion of Christ
30. The Resurrection of Christ
31. The Ascension of Christ
32. Pentecost
33. The Healing of the Cripple
34. Loyalty to God Under Persecution
35. Gospel Order
36. Death of Stephen
37. The Conversion of Saul
38. The Early Ministry of Paul
39. The Ministry of Peter
40. Peter Delivered from Prison
41. In the Regions Beyond
42. Paul's Years of Ministry
43. Martyrdom of Paul and Peter
44. The Great Apostasy
45. The Mystery of Iniquity
46. Early Reformers
47. Luther and the Great Reformation
48. Progress of the Reformation
49. Failure to Advance
50. The First Angel's Message
51. The Second Angel's Message
52. The Midnight Cry
53. The Sanctuary
54. The Third Angel's Message
55. A Firm Platform
56. Satan's Delusions
57. Spiritualism
58. The Loud Cry
59. The Close of Probation
60. The Time of Jacob's Trouble
61. Deliverance of the Saints
62. The Saints' Reward
63. The Millennium
64. The Second Resurrection
65. The Coronation of Christ
66. The Second Death
The New Earth

Christ's Object Lessons

Christ's Object Lessons
The parables of Jesus. 421 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. Teaching in Parables
2. The Sower Went Forth to Sow
3. First the Blade, then the Ear
4. Tares
5. Like a Grain of Mustard Seed
6. Other Lessons from Seed-Sowing
7. Like unto Leaven
8. Hidden Treasure
9. The Pearl
10. The Net
11. Things New and Old
12. Asking to Give
13. Two Worshipers
14. Shall Not God Avenge His Own?
15. This Man Receiveth Sinners
16. Lost and Is Found
17. Spare It This Year Also
18. Go into the Highways and Hedges
19. The Measure of Forgiveness
20. Gain That is Loss
21. A Great Gulf Fixed
22. Saying and Doing
23. The Lord's Vineyard
24. Without a Wedding Garment
25. Talents
26. Friends by the Mammon of Unrighteousness
27. Who is My Neighbor?
28. The Reward of Grace
29. To Meet the Bridegroom

The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus
Stories of our Lord and Savior's life, from His birth to Calvary. 186 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. The Birth of Jesus
2. Jesus Presented in the Temple
3. The Visit of the Wise Men
4. The Flight into Egypt
5. Child Life of Jesus
6. Days of Conflict
7. The Baptism
8. The Temptation
9. Early Ministry
10. Teachings of Christ
11. Sabbathkeeping
12. The Good Shepherd
13. Riding into Jerusalem
14. "Take These Things Hence"
15. At the Passover Supper
16. In Gethsemane
17. The Betrayal and Arrest
18. Before Annas, Caiaphas, and the Sanhedrin
19. Judas
20. Before Pilate
21. Before Herod
22. Condemned by Pilate
23. Calvary
24. Death of Christ
25. In Joseph's Tomb
26. He is Risen
27. Go Tell My Disciples
28. Witnesses
29. The Ascension
30. Coming Again
31. A Day of Judgment
The Home of the Saved

Last Days /Second Coming
Your Bible Questions Answered On: What Will Happen to the  Wicked in Hellfire - Is There an Eternal Hell?
The Time of Trouble
God's People Delivered
Desolation of the Earth
The Controversy Ended

How to Distinguish Between a True Prophet and a False Prophet
The Beast, the Dragon and the Woman

Are the Dead, Really Dead - What Is Death?
Where Did Halloween Come

Once Saved Always Saved -
Fact or Fiction?

Which Bible Version -
the Choice Is so Obvious

Your Bible Questions Answered On: Diet Issues
Foods That Help Fight Cancer


The Desire of Ages

The Desire of Ages
The life of Jesus and the four Gospels. 855 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. God With Us
2. The Chosen People
3. The Fullness of the Time
4. Unto You a Saviour
5. The Dedication
6. We Have Seen His Star
7. As a Child
8. The Passover Visit
9. Days of Conflict
10. The Voice in the Wilderness
11. The Baptism
12. The Temptation
13. The Victory
14. We Have Found the Messiah
15. At the Marriage Feast
16. In His Temple
17. Nicodemus
18. He Must Increase
19. At Jacob's Well
20. Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
21. Bethesda and the Sanhedrin
22. Imprisonment and Death of John
23. The Kingdom of God Is at Hand
24. Is Not This the Carpenter's Son?
25. The Call by the Sea
26. At Capernaum
27. Thou Canst Make Me Clean
28. Levi-Matthew
29. The Sabbath
30. He Ordained Twelve
31. The Sermon on the Mount
32. The Centurion
33. Who Are My Brethren?
34. The Invitation
35. Peace, Be Still
36. The Touch of Faith
37. The First Evangelists
38. Come Rest Awhile
39. Give Ye Them to Eat
40. A Night on the Lake
41. The Crisis in Galilee
42. Tradition
43. Barriers Broken Down
44. The True Sign
45. The Foreshadowing of the Cross
46. He Was Transfigured
47. Ministry
48. Who Is the Greatest?
49. At the Feast of Tabernacles
50. Among Snares
51. The Light of Life
52. The Divine Shepherd
53. The Last Journey From Galilee
54. The Good Samaritan
55. Not With Outward Show
56. Blessing the Children
57. One Thing Thou Lackest
58. Lazarus, Come Forth
59. Priestly Plottings
60. The Law of the New Kingdom
61. Zacchaeus
62. The Feast at Simon's House
63. Thy King Cometh
64. A Doomed People
65. The Temple Cleansed Again
66. Controversy
67. Woes on the Pharisees
68. In the Outer Court
69. On the Mount of Olives
70. The Least of These My Brethren
71. A Servant of Servants
72. In Remembrance of Me
73. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
74. Gethsemane
75. Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas
76. Judas
77. In Pilate's Judgment Hall
78. Calvary
79. It Is Finished
80. In Joseph's Tomb
81. The Lord Is Risen
82. Why Weepest Thou?
83. The Walk to Emmaus
84. Peace Be Unto You
85. By the Sea Once More
86. Go Teach All Nations
To My Father, and Your Father

Patriarchs and Prophets

Patriarchs and Prophets
The first half of the Old Testament.
755 pgs.
Table of Contents
1. Why was Sin Permitted?
2. The Creation
3. The Temptation and Fall
4. The Plan of Redemption
5. Cain and Abel Tested
6. Seth and Enoch
7. The Flood
8. After the Flood
9. The Literal Week
10. The Tower of Babel
11. The Call of Abraham
12. Abraham in Canaan
13. The Test of Faith
14. Destruction of Sodom
15. The Marriage of Isaac
16. Jacob and Esau
17. Jacob's Flight and Exile
18. The Night of Wrestling
19. The Return to Canaan
20. Joseph in Egypt
21. Joseph and His Brothers
22. Moses
23. The Plagues of Egypt
24. The Passover
25. The Exodus
26. From the Red Sea to Sinai
27. The Law Given to Israel
28. Idolatry at Sinai
29. Satan's Enmity Against the Law
30. The Tabernacle and Its Services
31. The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
32. The Law and the Covenants
33. From Sinai to Kadesh
34. The Twelve Spies
35. The Rebellion of Korah
36. In the Wilderness
37. The Smitten Rock
38. The Journey Around Edom
39. The Conquest of Bashan
40. Balaam
41. Apostasy at the Jordan
42. The Law Repeated
43. The Death of Moses
44. Crossing the Jordan
45. The Fall of Jericho
46. The Blessings and the Curses
47. League With the Gibeonites
48. The Division of Canaan
49. The Last Words of Joshua
50. Tithes and Offerings
51. God's Care for the Poor
52. The Annual Feasts
53. The Earlier Judges
54. Samson
55. The Child Samuel
56. Eli and His Sons
57. The Ark Taken by the Philistines
58. The Schools of the Prophets
59. The First King of Israel
60. The Presumption of Saul
61. Saul Rejected
62. The Anointing of David
63. David and Goliath
64. David a Fugitive
65. The Magnanimity of David
66. The Death of Saul
67. Ancient and Modern Sorcery
68. David at Ziklag
69. David Called to the Throne
70. The Reign of David
71. David's Sin and Repentance
72. The Rebellion of Absalom
The Last Years of David

Prophets and Kings

Prophets and Kings
The second half of the Old Testament. 733 pgs.

Table of Contents
Introduction - The Vineyard of the Lord
1. Solomon
2. The Temple and Its Dedication
3. Pride of Prosperity
4. Results of Transgression
5. Solomon's Repentance
6. The Rending of the Kingdom
7. Jeroboam
8. National Apostasy
9. Elijah the Tishbite
10. The Voice of Stern Rebuke
11. Carmel
12. From Jezreel to Horeb
13. "What Doest Thou Here?"
14. "In the Spirit and Power of Elias"
15. Jehoshaphat
16. The Fall of the House of Ahab
17. The Call of Elisha
18. The Healing of the Waters
19. A Prophet of Peace
20. Naaman
21. Elisha's Closing Ministry
22. "Nineveh, That Great City"
23. The Assyrian Captivity
24. "Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge"
25. The Call of Isaiah
26. "Behold Your God!"
27. Ahaz
28. Hezekiah
29. The Ambassadors From Babylon
30. Deliverance From Assyria
31. Hope for the Heathen
32. Manasseh and Josiah
33. The Book of the Law
34. Jeremiah
35. Approaching Doom
36. The Last King of Judah
37. Carried Captive Into Babylon
38. Light Through Darkness
39. In the Court of Babylon
40. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
41. The Fiery Furnace
42. True Greatness
43. The Unseen Watcher
44. In the Lions' Den
45. The Return of the Exiles
46. "The Prophets of God Helping Them"
47. Joshua and the Angel
48. "Not by Might, nor by Power"
49. In the Days of Queen Esther
50. Ezra, the Priest and Scribe
51. A Spiritual Revival
52. A Man of Opportunity
53. The Builders on the Wall
54. A Rebuke Against Extortion
55. Heathen Plots
56. Instructed in the Law of God
57. Reformation
58. The Coming of a Deliverer
59. "The House of Israel"
Visions of Future Glory

The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles
he New Testament starting with Acts. 633 pgs.
Table of Contents

1. God's Purpose for His Church
2. The Training of the Twelve
3. The Great Commission
4. Pentecost
5. The Gift of the Spirit
6. At the Temple Gate
7. A Warning Against Hypocrisy
8. Before the Sanhedrin
9. The Seven Deacons
10. The First Christian Martyr
11. The Gospel in Samaria
12. From Persecutor to Disciple
13. Days of Preparation
14. A Seeker for Truth
15. Delivered From Prison
16. The Gospel Message in Antioch
17. Heralds of the Gospel
18. Preaching Among the Heathen
19. Jew and Gentile
20. Exalting the Cross
21. In the Regions Beyond
22. Thessalonica
23. Berea and Athens
24. Corinth
25. The Thessalonian Letters
26. Apollos at Corinth
27. Ephesus
28. Days of Toil and Trial
29. A Message of Warning and Entreat
30. Called to Reach a Higher Standard
31. The Message Heeded
32. A Liberal Church
33. Laboring Under Difficulties
34. A Consecrated Ministry
35. Salvation to the Jews
36. Apostasy in Galatia
37. Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem
38. Paul a Prisoner
39. The Trial at Caesarea
40. Paul Appeals to Caesar
41. "Almost Thou Persuadest Me"
42. The Voyage and Shipwreck
43. In Rome
44. Caesar's Household
45. Written From Rome
46. At Liberty
47. The Final Arrest
48. Paul Before Nero
49. Paul's Last Letter
50. Condemned to Die
51. A Faithful Under-Shepherd
52. Steadfast Unto the End
53. John the Beloved
54. A Faithful Witness
55. Transformed by Grace
56. Patmos
57. The Revelation
The Church Triumphant


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